Along With The Help Of Mother Natures Inspiration…

I create sensory play sets and printable adventure packs for children.

After having my child it was really important to me to spend lots of time outdoors together experiencing nature in all of its forms. Therefore come rain or shine on went the wellies and our adventuring began. With most part of my career as a teacher I really enjoy the education you can link to being outside in nature as she has so much to teach us. My child has been my biggest inspiration and motivation, to take more time, to look closer again, to observe, and to find the wonderment, creativity and imagination in everything.

With a strong interest in mindfulness being outdoors promotes a healthy mindset. It ignites our emotions, senses and stimulates our brains. It strengthens relations and you may meet new friends whilst out and about to.

My adventure pack is a great basis for your adventures. Reuse the activities on different days, in different locations, during different seasons and weathers.

I love that each adventure is different even if you revisit the same place again and again as no 2 days are the same.

Then when it’s time for a duvet day you can bring nature indoors with my sensory play sets. These help connect children to nature, develop fine motor skills, encourages problem solving, imagination and has a positive impact on the brains deveopment.

Let your hair down and just have have loads of fun!
Enjoy Your Nature Adventure!