Muddy Diggers

Photo Credit Toad and Bear

Hello Adventurers,

Today I set up a mini world of digger fun. I filled a tray with lots of lovely mud and added some nature related items to add texture to our mini world. I used some tree bark, leaves, pine cones and sticks. I added a generous helping of shaving foam which we call snow for our diggers to drive through and no mini world would be complete without a scoop and beaker. I added the diggers which I was lucky enough to find in the charity shop and a squirty bottle (I use my old vinegar bottles) of warm water with a drop of blue food colouring in to make muddy puddles and also to give the diggers a wash.

This was such a fun activity , driving through different terrains, scooping, pouring, splashing and washing. This activity is great for creative thinking as well as all the benefits of playing outside in the fresh air and strengthening their bond to nature. A definite thumbs up!

Toad and Bear

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